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I just had a conversation with a student about the ‘Duration of a Putting Stroke’ … the time it takes to complete a Tick Tock – Back & Up and Down & Out and Back. The premise was that a very long/big ‘Stroke Length’ takes the same amount of time (Duration) as a very short/small stroke. I shall leave this very specific math aspect up to you and Mr. Newton!

Longer stroke lengths make a golf ball roll farther due to the ‘Kinetic Energy Load’ or ‘Terminal Velocity At Impact’. (see ‘Energy Transfer Clubhead To Ball’)

Thus, if we learn how to ‘Control Our Stroke Length’ in our ‘Putting & Chipping Pre-Shot Routine’, we shall be able to control our ‘Ball Rolling Distance’ (BRD).

Please allow me to identify an ‘Essential Element’ … how long or how far does my ‘Putt’ have to travel on what ‘Slope’? We must know the answer to this question. How do we know? Read The Green and Pace The Putt’. Guessing will not create small numbers!

A longer stroke length may take the same ‘Duration’ but it does not accomplish the same amount of ‘Resultant Work’ or ‘Distance’.

In this conversation, the other party suggested that we learn how to ‘Control The Degree Of Hit’. Your ‘555 Team’ refers to this as ‘Popping The Ball’. ‘Popping To Length’ is not a formula for success!

Our ‘Cadence or Rhythm’ is always created by our “1 & Through” phraseology that we say while going to work on or around the Dance Floor and golf course. A very common “1-2” Cadence will NOT make you a happy putter and chipper! It is too ‘Quick’ and loaded with ‘Tension’! The “& Word” is key to our ‘Transition and Timing’. Use it for absolutely every golf procedure and tool! Your playing partners will recognize your great ‘Tempo’ and you shall enjoy it for your entire career!

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