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Let’s take ‘Bunker Basics’ back to raw basics … like at the beach … sand, bucket and shovel? If you want to make this procedure more complicated, that is your prerogative, your poison!

Always apply your ‘5 Set-Ups’ (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment)

Factor in your ‘5 Essential Elements’ (Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot & Angle Of Attack - AoA)

These ten elements or components never go out of style … anywhere or ever!

Working off the beach! We hear relentlessly about ‘The Open Open Method’ … Open Clubface Aim, Open Alignment and then we need to decide about our ‘Clubhead Path’ … Outside-In so as to accomplish more ‘Cut Spin Rate’. Pretty complex? A lot of factors?

How about this as a very simple option?

  1. ‘Square Clubface Aim’ to your decided ‘Target Line’.
  2. ‘Purely Parallel Alignment’ … often referred to as ‘Square’.
  3. A Square ‘Clubhead Path’ meaning Parallel to the Target and Body Lines’. (‘Lever Assemblies Swinging From Shoulders’ and not across the ‘Shoulder or Body Axes’) Ball and Weight a little forward!

No laying the clubhead on its back ‘Increasing Bounce & Reducing Digging Into The Sand’. Your Sand Wedge (56 degrees of Loft) will have between 12 and 16 degrees of ‘Factory Bounce’. Let that be enough! Need or want more? ‘Carry a Lob (60) or Extreme Wedge (64)’!

So, let it happen … “Naturally Square, Square, Square”!

Keep your ‘Posture’ and Lever Length’ under tight controls so you do not hit FAT THIN due to a ‘Posture – Lever’ error. Strike the sand with a moderately descending blow. Keep It Stupid Simple! Enjoy the simplicity of blasting a small handful of sand directly at the ‘Target or Ball Flight Line’! No more needed! Strive to stay out of bunkers!

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