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Let us discuss achieving the perfect impact, the perfect moment’s outcome of a disciplined ‘5 Set-Ups’ (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment) and ‘Pre Shot-Routine’. (PSR) This includes an efficient blend of the ‘Physiological and Psychological’ (Physical & Mental)!

Whenever we spend time working on our golf swing, any aspect of it, we are really working on achieving the perfect impact position and sequences … static and dynamic, potential and kinetic. We must, somehow, get the ‘Sweet Spot Of The Clubface’ (‘Center Of Mass, Moment Of Impact Event or Coefficient Of Restitution’) precisely delivered to the ‘Ballistic Point or the Bottom Inside Cheek Of The Golf Ball’. (BIC) (see ‘Inside-Out Clubhead Path’ or ‘Swing Radius’ … ‘The Physics Of Rotation and The Geometry Of The Circle’)

‘Pure Impact Conditions’ is a consistent universal golf challenge ‘Putting To Driving’.

‘Impact & Separation’ is the most important moment in your golf swing. It is when we accomplish ‘Compression and Line Of Compression or Restitution’ … when the out of round, somewhat flattened Golf Ball returns to its round state or condition! This takes place in a millisecond … about 0.0005 of a second … much faster than a very short blink of your eye!

Being purely and technically accurate, this ‘Pure Moment’ is when the ball departs from the ‘Aimed Clubface’ and not when it first comes in contact. Initially, the radius-ing (Turned, Vertical and Rolled – Longitudinal Forearm Axis) Clubface will necessarily be slightly ‘Open To the Initial Ball Flight Line’ … clubface pointing to the ‘Low Energy Side Of The Target Line’. The Clubface squares up during ‘Compression and Restitution’.

Is this a bit of Golf’s unusually ‘Valuable Minutia’?

Of course, it is!

Enjoy it!

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