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Let us assume that you have located a perfectly flat and smooth area on your club’s practice green. If there is ‘Slope and Break’, read and evaluate that first by using your proven professional ‘8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre-Shot Routine’. Factor in ‘Mother Nature’s Elements’.

Test your stroke outcomes (performance) from 8, 12 and 16 Feet … 5 balls from each point! Pace and mark these Ball Locations with a tee so you can retest any aspect that you are unsure of. Use a ‘Ground Stick or long-shafted club to define your ‘Target and Body Lines’. (Set-Up) Remember, ‘All Putts and Chips Are Dead Straight’ from an initial ball rolling line perspective. That helps keep your very short game simple and definable!

Fully prepared with a solid routine and practice station, roll 5 balls ‘Target Handed’ with ‘Holing Out’ as your goal! Then 5 balls ‘Brace Handed’. Finally, 5 balls with ‘Both Hands Active’.

Pay particular attention to your delicate feels and relate them directly to your ‘Ball Rolling Outcome’. Don’t overthink the flow process! Say your “&” transition word, breathing out! What is a ‘Key Baseline Ingredient’? Enjoy practising and playing or quit the masochism!

This ‘Putting & Chipping Drill’ can help you learn more about yourself and to improve with certainty. Very small issues, an abundance of them, can deliver you more than deserved heartache on and around the dance floor!

Thank you for being here with your ‘555 Team’!

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