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Pretty common topic of golf conversation? “How can I get off the beach without a bucket, shovel and perhaps a rake?”

There are only three elements … 1) Bottom Of Swing Arc … BOSA, 2) adequate LOFT and 3) enough Clubhead Speed.

  1. BOSA for Bunker Work demands a precision bottom accomplished under a Tallish Chin with Longish Arms or ‘Lever Assemblies’. If we have control of the Tallish Chin and Hands, Wrists & Arms Length, we will have reasonable control of ‘Down Force’ and ‘Impact & Separation’. Make that “THUMP” when you hit the sand!
  2. Adequate LOFT is simply about ‘Club Selection’. ‘Loft’ is your friend. Remember your #SW has generally got the most ‘Bounce’, which helps us not strike the sand overly fat. We do not want to dig a ditch! There is a procedure of what we refer to as ‘Open Open’ … Open Clubface Aim and Open Alignment. I am not a big fan until I have run out of ‘Loft’. I don’t like ‘Side Spin’ if I can avoid it!
  3. Enough Clubhead Speed enables us to both get out of the bunker as well as to carry our ‘Preselected Distance’. (see ‘Air Time’). How do we accomplish ‘Energy Management’? By your ‘555 System Body Clocking’! If you have not mastered that as yet, get at ‘IT’!

Let’s add one pretty easy rule or guideline?

It is a BOSA thing! Your ‘555 Team’ does NOT think about how far to strike the sand behind the ball. If we are consumed with this ‘Hitting Behind The Ball’ we may suffer from being really too FAT! A wise and useful option is to always think of ‘Taking Half An Inch Of Sand From Under The Ball’s South Pole’. This magically accomplishes an efficient depth! Easy to manage!

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