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All our brethren world-wide sooner or later hear about our ‘555 Golf Concepts Approach’ to this Great Game. One that has been both popular and meaningful is the ‘Tether Ball Pole Concept’. It focuses on ‘Core Structure’ (‘Pivot’) as well as ‘Rope & Ball’ (‘Lever Length’). Our ‘Balsa Airplane Concept’ is also important in principle and performance.

We winde up the ‘Rubber Band Engine’ with tip of our finger. When ready to make it fly, we simply release the ‘Tension’ and launch with a deliberate toss towards the heavens.

The ‘Human Golfing Machine’ is quite similar, but we replace the ‘Airplane Rubber Band’ with ‘Soft Tissue’ that also has marvelously practical elasticity.

You are familiar with wide coloured ‘Elastic Stretch Bands’ that are used for ‘Fitness Resistive Exercise’. I recently saw a golf instructor with a ‘Big Yellow Band’ under his Target Armpit while the other end was held secure between his ‘Manual Grip and the ‘Golf Club Handle’. It was neutral stretch at ‘Address or Impact Fix’ … just before ‘Take-Away’. As the Back & Up Swing Elongated and developed, the ‘Wide Yellow Band’ stretched. By the ‘Top Of Back Swing’ (TOB) it had accomplished maximum stretch. Thus, the ‘Resistance Tool’ was stretched by a ‘Human Pulling Action’ at this point in rotational space.

Here is my quandary! ‘The Back & Up Swing’ is really almost effortless with ‘Range Of Motion’ as a key factor … moving a light golf club with our entire body. The ‘Down & Out Front Swing’ demands ‘Brace Leg Drive’ and ‘Release Of Core Generated Potential Energy’. (see ‘Kinetic Pivot Pressure’). There is no ‘External Rubber Band’ that makes us hit golf balls prodigious distances. It is our ‘Internal Soft Tissue Rubber Band’ that does the work.

For an observer the ‘Wide Yellow Elastic Band’ demonstrates a valuable physical truth. For the actual golfer, the process is backwards! We should not strive to stretch a tool to the ‘TOB’. Our body is our tool! The ‘Band Tool’ prevents the Force Of Gravity’s drop into the ‘Thrust Phase or Slot’ of the ‘Down Out Forward & Through’ phase. (DOFT)

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