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Your Dream Journey

I have had numerous requests over the recent months for a ‘Most Basic Abbreviated Summary’ of what is necessary to enjoy happiness coming from ‘The Great Game’! So, in this quiet moment, early in the ‘morrow, here it is … for YOU!

  1. Non Optional Ingredients … Golf embodies ‘Desire Honesty and an Open Mind’
  2. Master Golf Basics (MGB) … Learn The ‘555 System’. It will support YOU!
  3. Focus On Fundamentals (FOF)
  4. The 5 Set-Ups Are the Foundation … Learn them deliberately!
  5. The 5 Essential Elements Tune The Instruments
  6. Pre-Shot Routine (PSR)
  7. Practise With A Plan
  8. Play The Plan
  9. Focus Intensely
  10. Learn and Prosper From ‘Ocular Acuity’.
  11. The Ball Goes Where Your Hands Go
  12. Select Precise Quarter-Sized Targets
  13. Make Tough Random Shots
  14. Vary Your Demand … Easy to Difficult
  15. Evaluate Your Outcome While Seeking Reason
  16. Keep Moving The Bar Ever Higher
  17. Train & Trust … Practise & Play A Mentality
  18. Become a Short Game Guru … At Any Cost
  19. Expect Good Things To Happen!
  20. Keep Advancing One Step At A Time
  21. Enjoy The Company Of Others Along The Way
  22. It’s Your Parade!
  23. Don’t Be A Passenger!
  24. Drive Your Own Bus!

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