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I just had a stranger (customer now!) call me about ‘Unusual Lies’ … situations wherein the ground is not ‘Usual’ (level and clean). In this situation, your ‘Stance’ will also be a little ‘Non Standard’. Don’t fight the ‘Unusual’! Learn to adjust efficiently!

So, how do we prepare (‘Set-Up’) and ‘Execute’ abnormally?
The answer is, “As close to Normal / Usual as possible!”

If you pay attention, listen to your body talking, you shall not struggle with these anomalies!

If the ground is NOT level, do not stand as though it were! We may be ‘Plumb’ in the ‘Static State’, but we are ‘Forward Leaning’ in the ‘Dynamic Mode’.

If you are walking down a moderate grade, your balance is established towards ‘Efficient Movement’! We lean very slightly down hill (‘Center Of Gravity or Body Mass’ forward – not plumb) and keep one foot in front of the other … moving in the desired direction!

There is a great ‘Rule Of Thumb’! (‘ROT’) “Match Your Shoulders and Hips With The Slope and then Swing Down That Slope! … or parallel to it”

When the ‘Lie’ is a challenge, make your swing as normally as possible. Accomplish your ‘Pivot Load - Coil’ followed by a normal ‘Un-Load and Un-Coil’. This means you will strike and walk either up or down the slope, as required. (see ‘Abbreviated Stroke’)

If you have a ‘Side Hill Lie’ (Ball Above or Below Your Feet), you still must ‘Leg-Drive or LBM Fire Through The Shot’ … as though it were on the ‘Level Smooth Grass’. (see ‘Clubhead Lag & Drag Pressure’) Adjust Club Length with your ‘Grip Length’.

You can plan for ‘Ball Flight Trends’ (‘leak or pull’), but it is better and highly possible to hit straight shots, even from the unusual! (see ‘Lie Angle & Clubface AIM’)

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