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What does this term mean?

When we ‘Set-Up’ and stand on flat ground, ready to ‘Trigger Our Take-Away and Back Swing’, that would be classified as a ‘Usual Lie’. (see ‘Flat Lie’)

Anything else would be an ‘Unusual Lie’. (see ‘Uneven Lie’)

This situation is sometimes appropriately called an ‘Unbalanced Stance’ … where the ground, ‘Mother Earth’, causes us to be ‘Out Of Balance’ … feeling like we might fall over or become unstable in our ‘Full Golf Swing’ … ‘Front and/or Back Swing’.

There are really only three categories of ‘Unusual Lies’ …

  1. ‘Side Hill Lie’ (Ball above or below our feet)[‘Slope Perpendicular to our Alignment],
  2. ‘Uphill Lie’ where we must strike the ball rotating up the slope. [‘Up-Slope Parallel to our Alignment’], and
  3. ‘Downhill Lie’ where we must strike the ball rotating down the slope. [‘Down Slope Parallel to our Alignment’]

‘Uphill’ is a hit and leg drive up the slope (fighting against Gravity), while ‘Downhill’ is a hit and walk down the slope (cooperating with Gravity).

Hope this helps your ‘Golf Understanding’?

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