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Be aware of your ‘Clubhead Mass’ at all times from pulling the golf club out of your bag, to warm-up swings and to the real thing! When you ‘Feel The Steel’ you control your ‘Momentum and the three dimensions of ‘The Working End’ of your short stick … or any golf club … just a head, shaft and a grip!

There is a fabulous ‘Short Game Bunker Drill’, a ‘555 Golf Bullet-Proof Skill Drill’, called the ‘2x4 Splash Drill’. Take a 24 inch length of 2x4 and push it back & forth in the sand until the top face becomes level to the beach! Set up to it rather neutrally or normally! Pick a precise spot on this 2x4 and strike it positively back and forth 5 times or ‘Reps’. (see ‘Tick Tocks’ with little thumps!) You will have left a distinct small impact mark! Add a very small handful of sand to the ‘Impact Point’ of the board … on the mark that your Clubhead sole left! Make a short to medium ‘Back & Up Swing’ … with your “&” Word … with a ‘Gravitational Drop’… Bend & Straighten … Pinch - Thump! Amazingly, the small ‘Pile Of Sand’ will go away very much under control! (5 Reps and 5 Series … Feel The Steel)

So, we have accomplished the ‘B-P Drill’, let’s review our preparation or ‘Pre Shot Routine’ using the ‘5 Set-Ups’. They never let us down unless we ignore them!

  1. Posture (Chin and Chest Tallish), Grip (neutral and firm, depending on how much ‘Debris you have to extricate), Stance (Narrow-ish … depending on your fitness level, wider may inhibit your normal and beneficial ‘Pivot Action’ … avoid ‘Lateral Sway & Slide’), Ball Location (Neutral at first, then experiment) and Alignment (Neutral to slightly Open).
  2. Clubface Aim (Square to slightly Open. Let your ‘Club Loft Selection’ establish the ‘Trajectory’.), Clubhead Path (Slightly Inside-Out), Clubhead Speed (adequate to get the job done), Sweet Spot (always) and Angle Of Attack (flatter than steeper, This AoA will control your Fat & Thin, as well as Under or Back Spin Rate and ‘Touch Down Check Rate’.)
  3. Weight Distribution, (Neutral to slightly forward), Aft-Tilt (more neutral than aft), Forward Inclination (Neutral), Quiet Triangles, No Forward Press (the hands will naturally Lead.

We must learn how to find our ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA – Bend & Straighten’) with precision every friendly ‘Tick Tock’. The ‘5 Set-Ups’ never go out of style!

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