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adding the word “SNAP” is no improvement
There’s got to be a simple FIX!

So, how might I protect from and prevent this nasty ‘Champion Killing Shot Shape Outcome’?

The three elements in a Draw Hook are 1) Inside-Out Clubhead Path, 2) Closed Clubface Aim through ‘Separation’ and 3) Fast Closing Clubface Hand Speed through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. (see ‘Flippy Handed’ … some instructors promote ‘Pronation’ to your peril!) (see ‘Arms Over Legs’ … your Lower Body Machine must ‘Lead The Front Swing Power Train Sequence’ … ‘From The Ground Up’ and ‘From The Inside Out’!)

What might also contribute to this ‘No Hook-itis’? (Item #3 ‘Fast Hands’ relative to our ‘Hip Speed) What if we were able to ‘Slow Our Hand Speed Down’? Definitely a positive direction! How might we accomplish this ‘Slowing Of Hands’? Increasing our ‘Grip Pressure’ (Squeeze) would slow our hands down and reduce the ‘Hook Draw Side Spin’! Primarily a simple ‘Set-Up FIX’ … starting and ending with more ‘Squeeze Pressure’! No Swing Change required!

Keep the ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM) accelerating or clearing well through ‘Impact & Separation’. (see ‘Brace Leg Drive and Pivot Pressure’ with a flared Target Foot - Target Hip Clearance) This ‘LBM Leading’ tends to keep the Clubhead Lagging and not ‘Flipping Closed’.

Also, utilize your very important ‘Intermediate Target’ (‘IT’ … the penny or tee, or anything 10 to 15 inches out in front of your ball on the Target Line’.) If necessary, swing two inches to that point’s ‘Low Energy Side’. That will induce a slight ‘Push’, which certainly will NOT invite or feed a ‘Flippy-Handed Hook’!

The really good thing about a ‘Draw Hook’? If you can also ‘Fade Slice’, you will be able to control your X-Axis Side Spin at will in either direction with minimal ‘Set-Up’ changes! Now that is a big deal … rare in the throngs of golfers world-wide! What is a great tip worth?

You are more than “Welcome”!

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