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Approach Shot Basics

This ‘Short Game’ will include every shot from inside your Full Swing #PW optimal distance.

We can come at the green in two manners.

  1. High & Soft
  2. Low & Running

Wind and the slope of the ground are big factors that directly affect ball movement!

To accomplish this ‘Ball Flight Control’ is primarily a matter of ‘Ball Location’ but we can also change our 1) ‘Club Selection’. A #9, #8 or a #7 Iron will mechanically change our ‘Ball Flight Trajectory’ or ‘Height’ with the same swing.

Knowing our ‘5 Ways To Shorten Our Distance’, we can also 2) ‘Narrow Our Stance Width’, 3) ‘Shorten Our Grip’ and 4) ‘Body Clock’.

What happened to #1? It is ‘Deceleration which is a ‘NO! NO!” … like a really bad rash!

But you already know that!