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We should chronically strive to gather more good old ‘Common Sense’ from around the ‘Golf Pitch’ … ‘Inch By Inch, It’s A Cinch’ for all of us, even if we are in need of a bath to wash off some of that nasty grime we know as ‘Frustration and Disbelief’!

Your ‘555 Team’ has what we refer to as the ‘Perfect Progressive Golf Swing’. An accurate saying that we have is “I Drive As I Putt”. I know! I know! “How on God’s Green Earth could a 25 footer and a 250 yarder have anything in common!” Well the ‘5 Essential Elements’ (Clubface Aim at the Moment Of Separation, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot & Angle Of Attack) provide the relevant answer for YOU and me! When you embrace these five elements, make them your ally, you shall have ‘Magical Control’. You shall shine in the eyes of all your ‘Golf Buddies’ and competitors.

Might I make a pregnant suggestion? Learn to make a ‘Putting & Chipping Stroke’ with no club first! Remember, ‘A Chip Is Just A Putt With A Hop’! Master ‘Quiet Triangles’ and a chase or ‘Through The Ball’ stroke and not an ‘At The Ball’ hit. There are a set of ‘Strike Protocols’ (differences for the range of Procedures we must master) which we have carefully defined. You can look them up on your website as soon as you can make a moment.

Think ‘Big Picture’ for now? Learn to make that ‘25 Foot Putt’. Next, take a #8 Iron properly in hand and ‘Pinch The Ball Off The Grass’ with that stroke. You will certainly have made a ‘Bump & Run’ … one of the most useful procedures in golf! Let us assume that your ‘Brace Hand Travel Distance’ was to your ‘Brace Hip’. (see ‘Range Of Motion’)

Add more ‘Body Clocking and Energy Control’! Let us simply make a bigger ‘Body Clock’ with the same mechanics. Let’s assume we reach ‘Top Of Back Swing’ (TOB) at our ‘Brace Lower Rib Cage’. The ball will go higher and farther. Now, increase our ‘Body Clock’ to our Brace Arm Pit or Brace Shoulder’. We shall accomplish a ‘Pitch Shot’ that goes higher and farther.

So, is ‘Common Sense More Common Now’?