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In your ‘Putting and Short Chipping’, (Stage 1 Procedure … No Wrist Cock & No Pivot) you can actually utilize ‘Address Ready’. This is the ‘Ball Location’ where you simply tap the grass in front of your hips in as comfortable a manner possible. Remember, this ‘Stage 1 Procedure’ has ‘No Pivot or Lower Body Machine’ action or created and applied ‘Impact & Pressure’.

A rather well-known golf instructor just sent me a video wherein he told us to “Let Your Hands & Arms Hang From Your Shoulders with a moderate ‘Wrist Break’. This is the ideal way to set-up!” Perhaps with a ‘Putting & Chipping Shot’ but it is ‘Simply Not The Case’ with any bigger or longer shots! (see Stage 2 Procedures [Wrist Cock but No Pivot] and especially Stage 3 Procedures [Wrist Cock & Pivot]

When you make a Stage 3 Procedure, a short (Less Than Full) to long (Full Swing), involving ‘Brace Leg Drive’ and ‘Clubhead Speed’, you will, by Newtonian Physics’, accomplish Centripetal or Centrifugal Force’. When you swing a two-quart bucket on a light rope, you will feel it’s ‘Pulling Away From Your ‘Core’. This is ‘Centrifugal Force’.

Your speeding ‘Clubhead or ‘Lever Assembly Mass’ creates this ‘Angular and Outward Momentum’. It pulls on that light rope! The ‘Extensor or Outward Pulling Force’ takes the aforementioned ‘Wrist Break or Hinge’ out of your ‘Target Lever Assembly’ through the ‘Impart & Separation Zone’. Additionally, at about 35 to 45 degrees in front of or ‘Target Side Of The Ball’, your ‘Brace Lever’ will also be straight! (see ‘The Bend & Straighten Drill’)

If you are NOT hitting the ball with ‘Wrist Break’ or ‘Bent Brace Lever Hingers’, what could be the purpose of setting-up in that manner? Bottom line? It is totally counterproductive! Learn and employ your ‘Impact Fix’. It is a very effective element.

By The Way, set you ‘Ball Location Up’ slightly on the toe of your clubface! Your ‘Lever Assemblies’ will elongate under ‘Centrifugal Force or ‘Tension’. Prepare for that event!