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The foundation of this common sensical approach to making golf more Fun, is just one ‘555 Golf Statement’ … “I Drive As I Putt” or “There Is A Putt In Every Drive”.

To start along this paradigm journey, if we were to take a #7 or #8 Iron, ‘Set-Up’ properly, with a good Pre-Shot Routine (PSR) and then make Chips, Bump & Runs Knock-Downs and Punch Shots, we would unavoidably realize that the statements in the first paragraph above are both absolutely true!

Once we have accomplished this ‘Range Of Motion Success’, we can expand ‘The Back & Up Swing’ to becoming an ‘Abbreviated or Full Swing’.

Our Back Swing will soon teach us what the ‘Horizontal Shaft Position’ is all about. The ‘Target Lever’ will be about 45 degrees. (Swing Sequence #3) Soon thereafter, we shall grasp what the ‘Target Lever Horizontal’ (SS #4) embodies all the way to the ‘Top Of Back Swing’. (TOB – SS #5)

Then we transition from Back & Up to Down & Out. (Front Swing)(see ‘The Lateral Bump’)

Swing Sequence #4 repeats and becomes SS #6. Swing Sequence #3 repeats and becomes SS #7.

Impact & Separation is SS #8 with the rest of the energy dissipation becoming the Chase Follow (SS #9) & Finish as SS#10.

When you undertake these full Back and Front sequences, you might initially employ a slight ‘Step Brace Side’ and ‘Re-Step Target Side’ elements to activate you ‘Bump Weight Shift Transition’. This will instill both Tempo and Timing.

These ‘B-P Skill Drills’ are our tested friends!