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When you get into an ‘Address Ready’ set-up condition, like the short stop ready to pounce upon a sharply hit grounder, you are in an ‘Athletic Balance’ but that may well not be appropriate or as needed by YOU. There is no ‘One Golf Swing’! You are unique and need that treatment!

In baseball we are ready to move in any direction, left, right, forward and back. In the golf full swing we are only preparing to invite and accomplish ‘Pivot or Coil’ and not to ‘Travel’. The golf swing is highly Head & Core Stable. It is not a ‘Go Any Where’ motion.

The ‘Primary Lower Body Machine or Core Articulating Joints’ (Ankles, Knees, Hips and Neck) are meant more to resist movement than they are to accomplish movement. (see ‘The Steady Head’) Mother Earth resists our ‘Thrust’. We brace and push off from her … step by step!

The ‘Power Line Delivery Sequence’ is Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release (ALSDR). This is done more with ‘Neutral Joint Alignment’ than it is with ‘Kinetic Joint Alignment’ … minimal and not maximal motion. (see ‘Stacked Joint Alignment’)

We often hear “Speed Up or Spin Your Hips”. Not athletically functional and predictable.

To get ‘Golf Motion Ready, ‘Knee & Butt Bounce’ up and down a little and finish just a bit ‘Chin and Chest Tallish’ with released and unlocked Knee Flex … ready to ‘Pivot & Coil’ … Turn Brace and Return Target through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ (Bottom ½ Of The Swing Circle’) all the way through the ‘Chase, Follow & Finish’ phases. (see ‘Deliver & Release’)

The Back & Up “&” Down & Out swings are not jerky and forced.