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Do not focus on where NOT to hit your shot! That is a ‘Negative Mental Image’ ... Hazards, Water, Grunge, OB. These invite stress and FEAR. Negative energy and chemistry never make much good happen! Do you know that a ‘Feared Target’ produces more ‘Negative Energy’ than a perfect ‘Positive Energy’ target that is sitting right in your face? We are very susceptible to bad chemistry!

It is where to hit your ball precisely that matters … most often just A To B … in straight lines! This simplicity is a ‘Positive Image’ that invites relaxation, COMFORT and Clubhead Speed. Positive energy and chemistry usually make good things happen!

Whatever you do on the golf pitch, strive towards feeding your ‘Probability Of Success’. (POS).

Make good outcomes work for YOU! Set-Up and expect them!

It is your parade and you deserve the pleasure golf can provide! Actually, taking hold of the ‘Golf Monster’ is an action very few nice people entertain. Learn to be one of them!