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We get thousands of e-mails and text messages every month and are grateful for your efforts. We are here because we have been where you are! Without YOU we are just ink or type on a page.

Each person has unique physical and metal capacity. Thus, there is ‘No One Way’ to swing a Driver or any of our clubs. Remember, there are only two ‘Swing Limits’ … Full and Less Than Full. There are also only two ‘Swing Basics’ or types of swing … ‘The Push Basic (Putting & Chipping) and the Punch Basic’, which is ‘Pivot Pressure Generated’ or having ‘Brace Leg Drive’.

We thus have ‘Horizontal Plane, Round & Round Motion about our X or North South Polar Axes. This is a ‘Pivot or Core’ consideration and function. We also have ‘Vertical Plane, Up & Down Motion around our Y or Equatorial Axis’.

This is a ‘Lever Assembly or Hands & Arms’ consideration and function. Of amazing realization, when we put these two ‘Planar Motions’ together (Up & Down and Round & Round) we accomplish what we refer properly to as ‘Swing Plane’. (see ‘Resultant Plane’)

Never overdo ‘Range Of Motion’ or ‘Strength Demands’. A really useful ‘Bullet-Proof Fitness Drill’ that focuses on ‘Horizontal Pivot’ work is to simply stand in front of a tall or full-length mirror. Feet under your Shoulder Sockets … Little Knee Flex … Club across your shoulders with the ‘Grip’ pointing ‘Down The Line’. Shoulders parallel to the glass. Breathing out, ‘Load Coil your Brace Shoulder Back’. You will feel your Scapula sliding back and around your spine. As long as it is comfortable, accomplish this ‘Load Coil’ to a point where the butt of your actual ‘Grip’ is pointing directly at the ‘Butt In The Mirror’. That is 90 degrees of Shoulder Rotation’ … excellent ‘Spinal ROM’.

Now add the ‘Upper Body Machine’ (UBM) aspect using an old mid iron in a ‘Chopping Action’ to the ground. Your ‘Address Position’ will be quite ‘Straight Armed’. ‘Brace Handed’, pick the golf club ‘Straight Up’ allowing the ‘Shoulder (1), Elbow (2) and Wrist Joints (3)’ to BEND. (see ‘Primary Articulating Joints’ (PAJ). The Shaft will gently strike your Brace Shoulder Trapezius muscle. This is the ‘Load Lifted’ condition. Now, straightening those three (3) ‘PAJ’s, (123 Sequence), smack the ground.

Put these two aspects together (‘Round & Round’ and ‘Up & Down’) and you have ‘Swing Plane’. If you stretch and accomplish more ‘ROM’, you will need more ‘Strength’. (see ‘Clubhead Speed & Distance’)