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What is the ‘Power Line Delivery Sequence’? It is ‘Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’ or our acronym ‘ALSDR’. This is about how we accomplish the ‘Back and Front Swings, better known as the ‘Back & Up, Transition and the ‘Down & Out’. Pitching an Underhanded Soft Ball reveals this mechanical reciprocity. We have to ‘Set-Up’ to accomplish the ‘Take-Away and Load Swing before we can undertake the Un-Load or Delivery & Release segment. Logical?

If you can grasp this baseline you shall be blessed! The Back Swing is accomplished ‘From The Outside-In and From The Top Down’. The ‘Tip Of The Balsa Airplane Propeller winds up the Body Rubber Band ‘From The Outside-In and From The Top Down. (see ‘ALS’)

The reciprocation come in the reverse sequence. The ‘Un-Load Front Swing’ is accomplished From The Core Inside-Out and From The Ground or Bottom Up’. (see ‘DR’) You create ‘Brace Foot Resistance which is converted into ‘Thrust or Push Force’.

The key golf terms are ‘Lead & Lag’ or Casting or ‘Pivoting To The Target’. If the ‘Lower Body Machine Leads’ (in the Front Swing) then what ‘Lags’. The answer is the ‘Upper Body Machine’ or your ‘Lever Assemblies’ (Hands, Wrists, Forearms, Elbows, Upper Arms and Shoulder Sockets and Clubhead) The Belt Buckle gets to the ball before the ‘Brace Hand’ and ‘Sweet Spot’. Casting is the result of ‘Throwing the Brace Shoulder’ (Top Half Of Swing Circle) to the ‘Outside or Over The Top’ rather than ‘Under The Bottom’. (Bottom Half) The outcome of this ‘Swing Error’ is an ‘Outside-In Clubhead Path and usually a ‘Fade Slice Cut Ball Flight Action’.

This may help? Strive to let your Brace Lever drop Gravitationally from the Top Of Back Swing (TOB) whereby your Brace Elbow heads to your Brace Hip. (see ‘Power Slot’) This will establish a good ‘Swing Plane’ as well as an efficient ‘Inside-Out Clubhead Path’ ‘Angle Of Attack’ to the ‘Ballistic Point’ of the golf ball. (see ‘BIC’)