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A proper, logical and efficient golf ‘Set-Up’ is key. A good swing ‘Accumulates and Activates or Applies properly Stored or Potential Energy’ into its ‘Kinetic or Dynamic State’.

You get somewhere in the order of 3 yards per ‘Properly Applied Mile Per Hour’. Thus, creating an additional 7 or 8 MPH will get your ball ‘Out There’ as much as 25 more yards … lots of factors! 25 yards is two club lengths! Instead of coming at the flagstick with a 7 Iron, you might be using a 9 Iron or big wedge! Big deal? #PW beats #7 Irons into the ‘5 Foot Approach Putting Circle’.

‘Cutey, Swipey or Glancing blows are really counter-productive and disappointing! We must improve ‘Purity Of Strike’ without delay and then strive to maintain our ‘Quality Of Strike’.

Where you accomplish ‘Sweet Spot Impact & Separation’ on the ball matters! We must make this happen on the ‘Bottom Inside Cheek Of The Ball’ (BIC). We do this primarily by ‘Looking At This Spot. (see ‘Ocular Acuity’) The opposite result is hitting the ball on the ‘Outside Cheek’. This transfer of energy is caused by an ‘Outside-In Clubhead Path’. We refer to this ‘Swing Error’ as ‘Casting’. The opposite ‘Clubhead Path’ is the ‘Inside-Out’ approach to the ball.

How do we accomplish this beneficial ‘I/O Path’? By ‘Setting Up For Success’. With the ball in the proper ‘Location’, we will have adequate ‘Forward Inclination’. (see Knee Flex and Weight Distribution – on the balls of your feet). We must also establish and utilize what we refer to as ‘Aft Tilt’, whereby we ‘Lean Brace Side’ and ‘Weight Shift’ a little more ‘Mass or Weight’ over the inside of our Brace Foot. Gets us ready to perform! This ‘Set-Up’ is designed to come at the ball (Sweet Spot to BIC) from the ‘Inside-Out Path’. An ‘Outside-In Path’ (‘The Cast’) is at least partially caused by an early ‘Brace Shoulder Release’ … the ‘Upper Body’ beating ‘Lower Body’ to the ball. (see ‘Leading and No Lag’)

There is a term you might appreciate? Casting is ‘Early Wrist Hinge Release’ (see ‘Angular Velocity and Momentum’) Interestingly, we also refer to ‘Casting’ as ‘Throw-Away’ … wasting ‘Potential Energy’!

A little practical advice? The ‘Inside-Out Path’ may get us feeling as though we are going to ‘Push Low Energy side of the Target Line’ … Fade Slice Side. Don’t fight that reality. Hit 5 good solid balls and see what is actually happening. Then, based on observation, make small changes to improve your ‘Ball Flight Outcome’. Align a little ‘Open’. Slightly hood your Clubface Aim.