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Basics Never Go Out Of Style
Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

I just saw one of my golf teaching friends deliver a ‘Faults & Fixes’ lesson. He is unquestioningly talented. A major part of his topical material was ‘Alignment and Clubhead Path’. You absolutely know our ‘5 Set-Ups’ (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment … no single golf swing is without all five!) You also know our ‘5 Essential Elements’ (Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot & Angle Of Attack) ‘Swing Plane’ and your ‘Pivot Axis’ are key ingredients.

A very big personal concern! With so much focus on ‘Mastering Golf Basics’, my friend had no ‘Ground Stick’ (Alignment Rod) in place. He had no specific reference to ‘Target and Body Lines’. Thus, he had no specific reference for ‘Clubhead Path & Plane’. A ‘Big Miss’! Shame on us teaches when we are boldly neglectful! Our audience needs an ‘Alignment Reference’.

If we do not know exactly what our ‘Set-Up’ criteria is, how can we define or evaluate what we did wrong or ‘RIGHT”? Thus, how can we improve and perform better ‘On Demand’? It is this writer teacher’s firm opinion that ‘My Clubs teach me how to make efficient golf strikes’.

To make a mechanically sound Driver Strike (all long sticks) we need our ‘Weight or Mass’ shifted to the ‘Target Side’. (see ‘The Bump or Transition’) The Pivot Engine or Hips (LBM) must ‘Lead’ the ‘Lagging Lever Assemblies’ (UBM). Set-Up thoroughly and then move your Brace Foot aft up onto its ‘Toes’. This will shift most of your weight onto the Target Foot and Side where it belongs through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. Getting some ‘Turn & Lift, Return, Float & Drop into your mechanics, you shall be happier. Your ‘Swing Path’ will be more ‘Inside-Out’ and very likely ‘On Plane’. If Grip is efficient, you shall have a happy ball flight!

Assuming that your ‘5 Set-Ups’ are in order, the ‘Swing Outcome’ will start the ball a little ‘Pushy to the Low Energy Side of the Target Line’ and work it back towards the Target Line. This ‘Spin-Rate is referred to as a ‘Draw Hook Side Spin’. It is not ‘Swipey, Leaky Cutty’.