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If you increase your ‘Swing Radius’ (make your ‘Target or Swing Lever Extension Longer’) while using the same amount of ‘Pivot or Core Speed’, you shall produce more ‘Clubhead Speed’ and, with a solid ‘Impact’, accomplish greater ‘Distance’.

Your ‘555 Team’ refers to this physical reality as accomplishing a ‘Deep, Flat & Wide Take-Away’ all the way to the ‘Top Of Back Swing’. (TOB). Thus, the ‘Swing Radius’ may ideally remain the same from ‘Take-Away’ to ‘TOB’.

Allow ‘Gravity and Brace Leg Drive’ to accomplish your ‘Transition’ and initial ‘Front Swing Kinetic Energy’. In this simple manner, your ‘Brace or Hitting Lever Assembly’ shall take on a ‘Bent Configuration’. ‘The Golf Body Machine’ ideally creates ‘LEAD’ in the ‘Front Swing Pivot Core’ and naturally accomplish ‘LAG’ in the ‘Bending Levers’. From the ‘TOB’, this is followed by the ‘Hitting & Straightening Action’ through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. (see ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ - BOSA)

You might be well-served to think of the Wrists, Elbows and Shoulder Sockets as ‘Primary Articulating Joints’ (PAJ – They produce ‘Angles’ when bent). The ‘Bending & Straightening Motion’ produces ‘Clubhead Speed or Hitting Force’. We also refer to this cooperative action as ‘Angular Momentum’.

Another appropriate term used to describe the ‘Back & Up’ and ‘Down & Out’ swings is becoming ‘Wide, Narrow & Wide’. The most ‘Narrow Brace Lever Condition’ takes place when the ‘Club Shaft Is Horizontal To The Ground’. (see ‘Pre-Impact Swing Sequence’)(see ‘Maximum Lag Pressure’)