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So, what in the heck does this ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’ mean by such a title when it comes to ‘Putting & Chipping’ and your ‘Short Game Mastery’?

Simple! Establish variables and make the resulting procedures count.

Randomly set up 5 putting balls from 4 to 8 feet around ne hole … you know those ‘Chockers’ and ‘Non-Gimmies’! Your buddies will usually make you Putt them out! Nasty pseudo friends?

Set-Up properly using your very helpful, ‘Life Saving’ … ‘8 Step Putting & Chipping Per Shot Routine’. If you miss one of these you must start over! Hence ‘Start Over Drills Add Stress’. May I give you a ‘Work Smart Hint’? Make your first putt the longest and work in from there!

In the ‘Chipping’ discipline, set up 5 more balls from about 15 to 35 feet. Remember to aim at your 12 Inch Landing Circle’ and not at the flagstick. It is where you ‘Touch Down’ that matters! Setting up a limiting ‘5 Foot Circle’ as a target will give you an achievable goal! A 10 Footer is OK for starters! “Same Old, Same Old!” If you miss you start over!

Remember, your ‘8 Step Pre Shot Routine’ is NOT optional for ‘Chipping’.

It’s ‘The Mother Load’ hidden in your bedrock ‘Putting’ discipline!

This ‘Grunt Work’ shall pay off more quickly than you anticipate!

Are you getting excited yet?