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Do we want to be ‘More or Less’ active in our ‘Primary Articulating Joints’? (PAJ) There are 13 … Ankles, Knees, Hips, Neck, Shoulder Sockets, Elbows and Wrists.

Some of the ‘PAJs’ need to be ‘Less Active’ than the popular beliefs … some ‘More Active’.

Is a ‘Flippy-Handed’ swing an asset or a liability?

It is often said that ‘Hand Speed’ largely produces ‘Clubhead Speed, Smash Factor and Ball Speed’ which produces ‘Distance’. Certainly true but at what cost? Is there a cost?

This student and teacher of the game believes there is a cost … Accuracy and Control.

We hear that the ideal Grip should be ‘In The Fingers’. There are 14 Carpel and Meta Carpel Joints in the hand, plus the wrist bones. It is a compound-complex human structure.

We know that ‘Quiet Hand, Wrist, Elbow Triangles’ make for more predictable ‘Spin Rates’ and reduced ‘Ball Flight Curvature’.

If you hold the Golf Club Handle slightly more in the Palm Of Your Grip, (in line with the largest ‘Index Finger Knuckle’ to the ‘Bottom or Posterior Wrist Joint’) you shall reduce the innately capricious nature of being ‘Flippy-Handed’. The ‘Ten Finger Palm Grip’ is understandably more stable than its numerous sibling grips, such as ‘The Interlocking, the Short and Long Vardon, the Reverse Overlapping Grip and more.

If you want predictable ‘Ball Flight Control’, avoid any flavour of ‘The Flippy-Handed Grip’.