Master golf basics in Plano, Texas at the 555 Golf Academy.

We must focus on our very important ‘Problem Solving Concepts’. One of these is called ‘The Balsa Airplane Concept’. We ‘Wind Up The Big Rubber Band’ by moving the ‘Tip Of The Propeller’. The ‘Tip of the Propeller’ is the outside of the ‘Big Orbital Circle’. The load action works towards ‘The Hub of the Propeller’. (see ‘The Rotational Core’ … ‘The Crankshaft’)

Your ‘555 Team’ has an acronym we call ‘The Power Train Delivery Sequence’. (see ‘ALSDR’) It stands for ‘Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’. Let’s expand this a little?

The Lower Body Machine (LBM … Feet, Knees, Hips, Abdomen or Trunk, Shoulders & Head) accomplishes ‘ALS’ in ‘The Back & Up Swing’ (Back Swing). We ‘Wind Up The Golf Body Machine’ (‘Spinal Crankshaft or Core’) ‘From The Top Down’ and ‘From The Outside-In’ … From the Finger Tips, along the ‘Lever Assemblies’ … From the Tip Of The Propeller.

‘The Down & Out Swing’ (Front Swing) is accomplished ‘From The Ground Up’ and ‘From The Inside-Out’. Your ‘Balsa Airplane Concept’ supports and demonstrates proper sequencing. As stated, we load the ‘Rubber Band’ from the ‘Tip To The Hub all the way to the Tail’. It then reflexively ‘Un-Winds From The Tail to the Tip of the Propeller’. (see ‘Deliver & Release’) All we have to do with our ‘Golf Coil’ (once accomplished) is to ‘Let It Go’!

Here is the basis of the ‘Title’. If we ‘ALS’ ‘From The Top Down’ and ‘From The Outside-In’, the ‘Shoulders’ are closer to the Tip of the Propeller’ (Hands and Fingers) than the ‘Tail’ (The Feet). The mechanically simple truth is that we ‘Load Our Hips’ via the action of our ‘Shoulders’! Loading is Brace Shoulder Back & Up … Shoulder Blade sliding towards spine.

Focus on ‘The Brace Shoulder’s Moving Back & Up’. (see ‘Scapular Stability’ … ‘The 333 Bullet-Proof Skill Drill’) When you conquer this ‘Power Line Delivery Sequence’, you shall minimize the ‘Lateral Sway-Slide Killer’. (see ‘The Turn In The Barrel Drill’)