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I really do think one’s golf game and the whole performance is a bit of a ‘Chicken Soup’ with veggies. There is a lot of variety in our ‘Ball & Stick Activities’. Decades of entertainment seasoned with a touch of punishment and perhaps an appetizer known as frustration! I was going to call it a desert of ‘Mental Anguish’ but that might be politically incorrect as seen by desert lovers?

How about our dealing with chicken parts as an entre or what the Brits often refer to as ‘The Main Course’? We have whole rotisserie chickens, breast meat, boned and skinless legs & thighs, giblets as well as ‘Chicken Wings’ … lemon pepper or spicy Bar BQ.

Oh, that reminds me of ‘Golf’s Chronic and Venerable Chicken Wing Battle’.

‘Golf’s Chicken Wing Syndrome’ is, from a ‘Component Perspective’, quite simply about ‘Lack Of or Lost Lever Extensor Action’ … a nicely long and straight-ish Target or Swing Lever Assembly’. Your ‘Depth, Flatness and Width’ are important mechanical ingredients. (see ‘The Big Wheel’) Stretch before going to work on any golf property. Get blood flowing in your Hands, Wrists, Arms and Shoulders.

A good place to start is in respecting and applying your ‘5 Set-Ups’. When you are in ‘Address Ready’ or, even better, ‘Impact Fix’ (Swing Sequence #1), make sure that your Lever Assemblies are extended or lengthened … pushed down & out or away from your Sternal Core! (see ‘Pivot Core’) In this manner you shall establish your ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) and have some hope of getting back there in the Front Swing. (see ‘The Impact & Separation Zone - SS #8 and #8a - ‘DOFT’ Down Out Forward & Thru)

How can I easily grasp how to NOT get ‘Chicken Winged’ at the Top Of Back Swing (TOB)? Get your Target Lever straight up there with a #8 Iron in hand. It is a bit unstable and position vulnerable, right? OK! Place your Brace Hand in the handle. Now the entire ‘Lever Triangle’ is supported, high and wide, ready to Drop Gravitationally. Keep that extended and wide condition through ‘The Transition’ and Down & Out Swing, through SS #8 and #8a … ‘Extended Down & Out Through The Ball’.

Here's the rub! If you apply ‘Pivot Pressure or Brace Leg Drive’, your ‘Clubhead Lag Pressure’ will naturally maintain ‘Target Lever Extensor Action’ … Length & Width … all the way up to Top Of Front Swing (TOF). Voila! No ‘Chicken Wing’ and you can stay out of the soup!