Firstly, one must understand that a ‘Shank’ means that you strike the ball ‘On The Hozel’ and not on the ‘Sweet Spot’ or relatively ‘Center Of Face’. This is a physical or mechanical reality. It is both annoying, quite unnecessary and easily understood. Be intellectual about this error!

If you are an ‘Arms Over Legs’ (deficient ‘Clubhead Lag Pressure’ … hands leading the Lower Body Machine (LBM) rather than trailing, you may find yourself ‘Reaching For The Ball’ with an ‘Above Plane and Path Error’. This can expose or present the ‘Hozel and not the ‘Center Of Mass’ to the Ballistic Point of the Ball. (BIC) Oops!

If you are NOT properly ‘Measured To The Ball’ in your ‘Set-Up’ (too close or too far), you will struggle with making ‘Pure Contact’. Measuring means that you must have good ‘Lever Extension’ … elongated Hands, Wrists and Arms before finding the ball. If they are NOT extended, ‘Centripetal Force’ will get them extended through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ more than an inch. Oops again!

Again, if you are standing ‘Too Close To The Ball’ and fail to ‘Measure To The Ball’, you may get ‘Jammed’. Too far and you may not get to it. (see ‘Toe Strike’) More Oops!

Your ‘555 Team’ deliberately tends to set the ball up a little on the toe … almost to the toe end of the ‘Score Lines’ or grooves. This allows natural relaxed ‘Soft Tissue Elongation’ that automatically moves the ball towards the heel more than an inch. Perfect! No Oops!

Smart Set-Up Comfort will usually prevent a bad ‘Case Of The Shanks’! Your 555 Team has never heard of a ‘Good Case Of The Shanks’!