Dr. Karl Fischer

We forever get into really good conversation regarding “What are Golf Basics?” “What makes a golf swing work repeatably?” Very good questions, right? Like a quick cellular conversation with both hands on the steering wheel, see if this couple brief moments makes sense for you?

Golf is physiologically comprised or the ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM) or what we refer to as ‘The Core’. It, ‘The Pivot’, provides all the highly stable ‘Horizontal Motion or Round & Round’. If we can understand and somewhat master a ‘Stable Pivot’ upon which to ‘Found or Build’ our golf ‘Clubhead Swings’, we shall be blessed. (see ‘The Tether Ball Pole Concept’) The 5 Set-Ups are never far from center stage … Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment … are in every swing world-wide! Worthy? Absolutely!

Now add the ‘Upper Body Machine’ (UBM) or what we refer to as the swinging and hitting ‘Lever Assemblies’ … Shoulder Sockets, Upper Arms, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists, Hands and the actual Golf Club. This ‘UBM’ provides all the Vertical or Up & Down Motion. (see ‘Bend & Straighten’ as well as the ‘The Brace 3 Lever Single Action’)

When these two aspects (LBM - UBM) are combined Round & Round with the Up & Down, we get a blend known elusively as the ‘Swing Plane’ or the ‘Resultant Force or Motion Line or Plane. (X+Y=R)

We aptly refer to these blended motions or actions as ‘Sweep, Turn & Lift’. That gets us simply to the ‘Top Of Back Swing’ (TOB) From here we ‘Transition’ or change direction. We kind of ‘Sit Into The Target Hip’. We call this ‘The Lateral Bump’ or ‘Hip Trigger’. It is a natural Release Reaction to our ‘Load Coiling into our Brace Leg’. (see ‘Brace Posting Drill’) Perhaps this term will also work for you.

As we are ‘Off-Loading Our Coiled LBM’ the ‘UBM LAGS or Naturally Falls Behind’ the ‘Turning or Aft Retreating Target Hip or Core’. With Hand Speed or velocity and our ‘Ocular Acuity’, we autonomically sense ‘The Rate Of Closure’ right up to and through the ‘Moment Of Impact & Separation’ … letting the ball go! (see ‘Chase, Follow & Finish’ or ‘Staging & Sequencing’)

To prove a fully released ‘Pivot’, standing on top of our Target Leg, (Target Posted), we can do the ‘Brace Toe Tap Tap Tap Drill’. (see ‘Flamingo Drill’)