golf training

Nobody teaches him or herself how to golf and arrives at an optimal destination still intact and more than glancingly happy … even sane! Golf is not a contact sport but it delivers more than its deserved share of bumps and bruises … ruthlessly and at it whim. “When do I get mine?”

Confidence, Comfort and Consistency’ can be very flirtatious and illusive. You think you’ve ‘Got IT’ and moments later you know you do not … three curving and crooked with one straight will seldom produce a prolonged ‘Golf Smiley Face’!

Golf is just too demanding and hungry for the ‘Physical and Mental Truth Of This Great Game’ to enable or allow the ‘Self Taught’ avenue.

Of-course a natural athlete might progress faster than an average specimen, but progress is all relevant! The sports specimen might seemingly have more success but they too shall ‘Plateau or Bottom Out’ sooner or later. Then it is already past the time to get experienced, professional assistance!

If a new golfer has even tried to hit balls for a couple hours, the notoriously chronic bad habits will have set in to some degree. The infection will have begun!

Fight The Common Cold early!

Your 555 Team is always here to help!