how to affect your putting numbers

Initially this is about your ‘Approach Phase’ … from your Full Swing #PW in. For the entire scope of golfers, that may be from 70 yards all the way out to a well-struck 130 yards or even more! We have had ‘555 Family’ (Clients) who manage over 160 yards with a #PW. Pretty significant distance, right? Bluntly, that is really way too far!

Do you want to improve your ‘Putting Stats’? Of course you do! Less putts means more free food and drinks on the 19th Hole! Bigger pay cheques! More happiness! Reputation!

Along the same line of discussion, let’s shuffle to the ‘Last Short Distance’ from the fairway or fringe on to the green. From here we no longer strive for the ‘5/10/15 Foot Circles’ but for an even more precise ‘12 Inch Landing Circle’. I have to admit, I really enjoy holing out my ‘Chips and Bump & Runs’. This gift directly affects our ‘Putting Numbers’. ‘Zero Putts’ are good! How many of you special family members understand ‘Quadranting The Greens’?

We want to tell you that our ‘Chips and Bump & Runs’, with any break, are NOT aimed at the stick! If you find yourself aiming at the flagstick, “STOP DOING THAT” right now! Our ‘Putting Rule’ (All Putts Are Dead Straight) also applies to ‘Chipping and Bump & Run’. Start the ‘Ball Flight or Roll Line’ to the ‘Off-Set Aiming Point’ and propel it right there!

May I add one more point? Your Approach Launch Angle (Initial Ball Flight Trajectory or Parabola) will vary as per your shot needs. Usually a Steep Ascent or Launch provide an equally as Steep Angle Of Descent. We generally accomplish this ‘Arrival Control’ with ‘Club Selection’ but we can also move our ‘Ball Location Aft’ to decrease our ‘Delivered Net Effective Loft’ and ‘Angle Of Attack’. We appropriately refer to this as a ‘Knock Down’ shot.

Thank you for understanding and using proper ‘Golf Language’.

That matters to the 555 Team and to YOU!