data is king

In golf as in life, ‘Data Is Often Kingly’ … we need information to help us navigate our daily lives. Let’s get right to the point … things you might already know! ‘The 555 Golf System’ utilizes several highly efficient ‘Shot Making Frame-Works’ or procedures. Players make their shots predictably!

‘The CAD Sheet’ (Calibrated Average Distance) simply lists, on one sheet, all the clubs we generally use along with their ‘Optimal Carry Distances’ … Full Swing Driver on the top and Lob Wedge on the bottom. Therefore, after we ‘Laser’, we can simply pull the most efficient golf club so as to give the ‘Little White Ball’ a mighty whack on direction (line) and on distance! Carry and use your ‘CAD Sheet’!

You also know that there are ‘5 Ways To Shorten Our Distance’. One is to ‘Control The Brace Hand Travel Distance’ (BHTD), meaning that the farther you move your ‘Hitting Hand’ the greater the Clubhead Speed and the longer the Carry Distance. Our method of accomplishing this ‘Club & Ball Control’ is the unique and highly effective ‘SGGS’.

We have defined six (6) BHTD positions. We refer to them as ‘Body Clocks’. When, in our Back & Up Swing, our Brace Hand reaches the ‘Brace Hip Body Clock’, the club shaft will be about Horizontal To The Ground and Parallel To The Target and Body Lines. (Powerful Swing Check Point in both directions)

From this ‘Brace Hip Body Clock’, we will have ‘Accumulated, Loaded or Stored’ (see ‘ALSDR’) a certain amount of ‘Potential Energy’. When we ‘Front Swing or Down & Out Deliver or Release’ this energy reserve into its ‘Kinetic Form’, we accomplish ‘Work’ in the dramatic and dynamic form of moving the ball from A To B … in straight lines or curving arcs with predictable ‘Trajectory or Parabola’.

The ‘SGGS’ has 6 Body Clocks noted on the Y Axis (across the top of the page). On the X Axis (left margin) we list our 7 Short Game Golf Clubs … #7 Iron (36 degrees), #8 Iron (40), #9 Iron (44), #PW (48), #GW or #AW (52), #SW (56) and #LW (60). This produces or provides us with 42 specific distances a ‘Clocked Golf Ball might travel in ‘Zero Wind’. We have to do the work to get paid!

Sound daunting? It’s not! In fact, quite the opposite. It is highly beneficial and ‘Confidence, Comfort and Consistency’ are the outcome! Shoot your ‘Laser Range Finder’. Locate the yardage on your ‘SGGS’. Pull the appropriate stick. Pre-Shot Routine (PSR) … Set-Up … Trigger and get the job done … one hop stop! “How far will my Brace Hip Body Clocked #PW carry the ball?” [Great Question] … 38 yards inside the 5/10/15 Foot Circles … One Putt and done!