The 555 Golf Academy

There is often a ‘Social Leveler or Equalizer’ that may or many not be all that obvious to the ‘Hoi Polloi’ … we in the huddling and hungry masses!

How many of us are driven to produce ‘Power & Prodigious Distances’ with the ‘Big Stick’ or with all sticks? One of my golf phenoms, known to many world-wide, would fairly comfortably hit a #PW 150 to 160 yards carry! Mere mortals get it out there … well you know … less!

The same ‘Animal-ness’ applies to the driver. How does 350+ compare with your best grunt?

Well, here’s the good news!

You do not have to be overly athletic to get attention with the ‘Short End’ of your bag!

What would you say were your finesse, normal ‘Short Game Distances’ … well inside 20 to 50 yards, right? The well-organized and balanced, floppy ‘One Hop Stopper’ to 38 yards is inside your purview! Not outside the reach of most humble golfers! (see ‘The Short Game Grid Sheet’)

Get really proficient, confident, comfortable and consistent with this ‘Short Game’ and you shall really close the gap between ‘Brutality and Quality’ by 10 to 15 shots … every day!

Might we tend to be focused on the wrong ‘Holy Grail’ and golf game segment?

Logic and truth are the ‘Smack Between The Eyes’ or on the back of your head!