Most golfers have taken some lessons

Most golfers have taken some lessons … or NOT. Every golfer is benefited by finding an experienced and science-founded golf instructor for regular or at least occasional time-sharing!

I think most of us know what the club should be doing through ‘The Impact & Separation Zone’ or, at least think we know? Thinking is actually better than not! Proves the mind to be alive!

In the Front or Down & Out Swing, the clubhead should be swinging on a downward or descending ‘Angle Of Attack’ (AOA), generally on a path from the ‘Inside-Out’, and ultimately striking the ‘Bottom Inside Cheek’ (BIC) of the Ball with a face squarely aimed or pointing at the ‘Intermediate and/or Far Targets’ (DTL - Down The Line). The ball flight starts off in that ‘Face Aimed’ direction. If we add some ‘Clubhead Path Variation’, the ball will curve accordingly.

We try to understand and work on these fundamentals with varying degrees of success. Sometimes we find pleasure doing so. At other times, it is a slogging trek through Purgatory causing trepidations … “What the hell am I doing here, anyway?”

Over and over and over purpose, sequences and outcomes are revealed! We usually persevere!

How do we know if we are truly getting all these demanding gyrations right? Some of the golf soothes tell us that "We just Feel It Working For Us" … or not! ‘Feel Is Not Always Real’, but we should learn to ‘Feel The Steel’! It is useful to know where the hammer head is located in time and space.

What is golf’s truth serum? … ‘Ball Flight’! Mother Nature never lies to any of us! The challenge is actually knowing what really causes ‘Outcomes’ in each of our golf swings so we can repeat them at will!

How do we know what we are feeling is what we are supposed to be feeling? Knowledge gained over time, study and ‘Work Smart’. Any intellectual being will intuitively know that ‘Going Golf Alone’ assures precarious steps through Purgatory … so unnecessary and masochistic!

Each one of us has his/her own parade and drum to which we march! Pick good music!