Everything in golf centers and orbits around a perfect point or fulcrum.

If we can think of golf properly, based on science, physics and geometry, we shall be successful in less time with less grief and frustration! What the mind can perceive and conceive, the body can generally achieve! (to our fitness and ROM parameters). You can see that there is a time and effort requirement. We have to do the work before we get paid! Golf is not a “Flash In A Pan”. There is no Disney Magic Wand! But your ‘555 Golf System Simplicity’ is highly helpful.

Everything in golf centers and orbits around a perfect point or fulcrum. If it is off kilter, it is either ‘Too Much’ (+) or ‘Too Little’ (-). Our ‘Swing Mechanics’ must be worked into an ‘In Balance State’. We need more ‘Constants than Variables’ to achieve ‘Consistency and Repeatability’ … scoring well every day rather than once a month. This in and of itself is about ‘Golf’s Highs & Lows’ … The pluses and the minuses.

Everything in golf is about ‘Components & Procedures’ … human tools and what we do with them! This ‘Human Golfing Machine’ is comprised of a ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM or Core) and of an ‘Upper Body Machine’ (UBM or Lever Assemblies – Arms, Hands and actual Golf Club ). The LBM provides all the ‘Horizontal Motion’ (Round & Round). The UBM provides all the ‘Vertical Motion’ (Up & Down) Especially right here, the ‘Pluses & Minuses’ must match. Too much of one or another causes the ‘Orbiting Golf Clubhead’ to become ‘Out Of Balance’ with a problematic ‘Ball Flight Outcome’.

When thinking of this ‘Total Body Balance’, we are well-served to itemize and use ‘The 5 Set-Ups’ … Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment. Every one of these can be in the ‘Too Much or Too Little Compartments’. (Components & Procedures) Posture … too tall or too short, too inclined forward or aft, too Tilted Target-ward or Brace-ward. You can comprehend the ‘Too Much and Too Little’ of all five ‘Set-Ups’? We need to learn how to ‘Set-Up For Success’. Shots usually succeed before they trigger!

Clubhead PATH … ‘Inside-Out, Square or Outside-In. All ‘Motion Components’ have a ‘Swing Plane’ … Below Plane, On Plane and Above Plane. ‘Clubface Aim At The Moment Of Separation’ … Open, Square and Closed. Clubhead Speed … too fast, proper or too slow. Wrist Hinges … too inactive, just right or too active. (see ‘Flippy Handed’) Angel Of Attack (AOA) … too steep, proper or too shallow. Can you recognize the ‘Plusses & Minuses’? One must get his or her ‘Lines & Angles’ properly adjusted. The trick or pure goal is to be able to ‘Repeat Golf Perfection On Demand’ … one strike at a time. “Wonderful Stuff!”